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LSO Customers Can Now Reduce Carrier Shipping Costs Using DigitalShipper’s Carrier Module for Parcel Delivery

AUSTIN, Texas — LSO, the south’s premier regional parcel carrier, today announced a partnership with DigitalShipper, a multi-carrier shipping software solution provider based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The DigitalShipper/LSO module provides a platform for businesses to automate all aspects of their national and regional parcel shipping operations using the latest technology in multi-carrier shipping software. In addition, the solution offers customers greater options regionally when selecting parcel carriers.

DigitalShipper is one of the most affordable, robust and versatile shipping software applications in the marketplace with support for single shipping locations and enterprise-wide features for multiple distribution points.

Earlier in 2015, the two major global carriers imposed a major shift in pricing for Ground parcel shipping based on package size, also known as dimensional weight pricing (DIM), that can significantly and negatively impact the bottom line for many shippers. In an effort to thwart this pricing impact, the new module will assist shippers in selecting the best option for shipping their parcels.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with LSO as it will allow our customers to seamlessly leverage their competitive rates and rapid delivery times across a sizable regional footprint. With the increasing complexity and number of shipping options across parcel carriers, it is crucial to take a service optimization approach when shipping packages to maximize margins,” said Michael Everson, President and CEO of DigitalShipper.

“The new LSO platform integration through DigitalShipper allows customers to make the best value-based decision for their business with every package they ship,” said Rick Jones, CEO of LSO. “The DigitalShipper/LSO carrier module provides customers with greater control to ship their parcels across multiple carriers while understanding the relationship between time-in-transit and cost. This is critical as shippers will now have to evaluate the overall landed cost, DIM changes and rate increases prior to shipping.”

About LSO

LSO, a leading regional parcel carrier founded in 1991, is headquartered in Austin, Texas and offers a full range of next-day, day-definite guaranteed deliveries. LSO has among the highest reliability records and lowest damage rates in the industry offering competitive rates throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, southeastern New Mexico and Mexico. LSO provides live customer support and flexible shipping solutions. For more information, visit www.ShipLSO.com or call 1-800-800-8984.

About DigitalShipper

DigitalShipper is a leading manufacturer of multi-carrier shipping software for small, medium and high volume shippers. Since 1991, DigitalShipper has been helping businesses automate and improve the efficiency of their shipping and distribution operations. DigitalShipper software supports domestic and international shipments with small parcel, LTL/TL, international, freight forwarding, local courier, and internal truck companies including compliant modules for UPS, FedEx, USPS, and several regional carriers, including LSO. For more information, visit www.DigitalShipper.com or call 1-651-348-4080.

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