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11/04/2014 Agile Network Announces Strategic Partnership with LSO to Offer Shippers Greater Choice and Value
Partnership Provides AgileShip™ Customers with Option to Select LSO for parcel delivery in Texas, Oklahoma, California and major Western hubs

CHESTERFIELD, MO, (November 4, 2014) — Leading enterprise shipping software provider, Agile Network LLC today announced their partnership with LSO,  a leading regional carrier, to develop a new LSO service module within AgileShip software that will allow customers the option of selecting LSO services and offerings integrated into one platform. This solution offers customers greater options regionally when selecting parcel carriers.

In 2015, Ground parcel shipping pricing will increase in a way that will significantly and negatively impact the bottom line for many shippers.  In an effort to combat this pricing impact, the new module will assist shippers in selecting the best option for shipping in advance of the pending price changes by the other carriers.

The two global carriers had announced a major shift in pricing for Ground parcel shipping based on package size, also known as dimensional weight pricing, that will take effect in 2015 and many shippers have yet to focus on how it will affect their bottom line.

In the past several years, Agile has seen an ever increasing demand from its customer base to support regional parcel carriers in our AgileElite TME (Transportation Management Execution) software platform. In particular, LSO has become a regular requirement of our customers and prospects as they are constantly looking for new ways to meet the service needs of their own customers.

“While Agile has deployed LSO services for its customers for several years now, these deployments have been tactical and purely customer driven for a specific service,” said Noah Ostanik, Principal, Agile Network LLC.  “Realizing that there is a much larger market for this joint solution, Agile and LSO have developed a strategic partnership to elevate this solution for customers. Agile will release a new LSO service module for AgileElite that will support all LSO services and offerings in a single solution. We look forward to expanding our partnership with LSO and to continuing to deliver the industry’s premier shipping software solution to our valued customers.”

”Multi-carrier systems now are critical to the bottom line for shippers as they will have to evaluate both the overall landed cost and the pending DIM changes and rate increases prior to shipping, “said Rick Jones, CEO of LSO. “The new LSO service module through Agile allows companies to make the best landed cost and value-based decision for every package they ship. For the first time, beginning in January 2015, shippers will be charged for the size of all their packages, not just the weight. If companies ship packages larger than ½ a cubic foot, they’ll probably need to consider a new shipping partner. Companies like LSO and Agile are developing solutions in advance to help customers.”

About Agile Network

Agile Network is a leading provider of enterprise shipping software and transportation management solutions with more than 25 years of experience supporting more than 1,200 clients in the US, Canada, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and European Union. AgileShip handles freight and parcel shipments with solutions tailored to serve a diversity of industrial applications, including: consumer products, retail and ecommerce, pharmaceutical and healthcare, technology, financial services, and industrial manufacturing. For more information about Agile Network, visit: www.agile-network.com

About LSO

LSO, a leading regional parcel carrier founded in 1991, is headquartered in Austin, Texas and offers a full range of next-day, day-definite guaranteed deliveries. LSO has among the highest reliability records and lowest damage rates in the industry with extended pick-up times, early morning delivery options and competitive rates throughout Texas, Oklahoma, western Louisiana, southern New Mexico and, through partnerships, California, the western US and Mexico. LSO provides live customer support and flexible shipping solutions to help businesses grow more customers, drive revenue and seize new opportunities. For more information, visit www.ShipLSO.com or call 1-800-800-8984.

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